Describe the structure of prokaryotic cells

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1. Describe the structure of prokaryotic cells (prokaryotes).

2. State the type of living cells that first inhabited the Earth.

3. Describe the conditions of the Earth when these first cells evolved.

4. Name the most diverse and prevalent organisms on Earth today.

5. State the 3 most common shapes of bacteria cells using the correct scientific terms. Recognize a picture of each shape.

6. Label a diagram of a typical bacteria cell as shown in the text reading. State the overall function of each labeled structure.

7. Name the molecule found in the cell wall of bacteria and state the purpose of the cell wall.

8. Describe how bacteria reproduce using binary fission.

9. Define endospore and discuss when and why bacteria produce them.

10. Discuss why bacteria are important in the environment as decomposers.

11. Discuss how bacteria are important in the food industry.

12. State 3 ways bacteria can act as pathogens causing disease in humans.

13. Explain how the soil bacteria Clostridium tetani can cause tetanus.

14. Discuss why many bacteria have become resistant to the antibiotics that were once used to destroy them.

Reference no: EM132279970

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