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In the unit studies, you read the case of "Essilor: Building an Efficient Supply Chain to Serve the Company's Mission." For this assignment, you will review this case and analyze Essilor's efforts to ensure an effective and efficient supply chain. Complete the following:

Review "Essilor: Building an Efficient Supply Chain to Serve the Company's Mission" on pages 77-89 in your textbook, Strategic Supply Chain Management.

Describe the structure of Essilor's supply chain and variety of products produced and delivered along its supply chain. Respond to the following questions:

What was Essilor's mission and what was the innovative supply chain strategy used to support the mission?

How did Essilor use the combination of innovation and customer service to become one of the world's 30 most innovative companies by Forbes?

How did the two operating models for the two types of lenses help Essilor build an efficient supply chain?

What are differences between supply chains for finished lenses and semi-finished lenses?

How did Essilor develop the global end-to-end supply chain?

In order to make sure you will address all issues assigned in a discussion post, you should use assigned questions as section titles and then address them one-by-one.

Reference no: EM13795613

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