Describe the structure and division of living cells

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1. Describe the approaches used and the basic tenets of the science of biology.

2. Identify the principles of evolution.

3. Describe the structure and division of living cells.

4. Explain DNA biology and how it influences cancer and other diseases.

5. Compare and contrast the characteristics of viruses, bacteria, protists, fungi, plants, and animals.

6. Describe the concepts of ecology, population, community and ecosystems.

7. Describe the human impact on the earth.

8. Compare and contrast the basic functions, major components and the cell types found within human organ systems.

Reference no: EM131060675

What is a genotype of the man

If an albino (autosomal recessive trait) woman is married to a man with normal colouring and they have an albino child, what is a genotype of the man.

Exporting the misfolded proteins out of rer into the cytosol

How the cell overcomes misfolded soluble or secretory proteins in the RER by exporting the misfolded proteins out of the RER into the cytosol, where they are degraded in the p

Difference of martian code and earth code

Suppose that you discover a new life form on Mars. These organisms have DNA containing the same four nucleotides as Earth DNA. They also make proteins using a triplet code, so

Null mutation of the gene for catabolite activator protein

You have recovered a strain of E. coli with a null mutation of the gene for catabolite activator protein (CAP). Which of the following do you expect to be true regarding the e

Explain how bacteria reproduce

Explain how bacteria reproduce. Which factor do they rely on to increase genetic variation? Discuss the advantage(s) and disadvantage(s) of asexual reproduction in the light

Why are mules frequently sterile

A plasmid digest with BamHI produced 2 kb and 4 kb fragments. Digest of a plasmid with HindIII produced 6 kb fragment. Double digest with both enzymes produced 1 kb, 2 kb and

Describe the function of the golgi apparatus

Describe the function of the Golgi Apparatus and Ribosomes cell structures and say in which primary cell type (i.e. prokaryotic and/or eukaryotic) you will find each cell st

Key factors that influence respiratory rate

Key factors which influence respiratory rate and depth are such as talking or coughing, (such as, sometimes we try to breath at a several pace to relax)


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