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There is an endless list of common stereotypes found in U.S. culture. The following are just a few:

Blonde people are not smart.

Caucasian men do not dance well.

Overweight people are lazy.

Women are emotional and men are not.

Males are better at math than females.

It is important to recognize the existence of a stereotype. As you learn that certain behaviors and actions cannot be generalized to an entire group of people, then you are more likely to treat others as individuals.

For this assignment, do some research to find an article that discusses one of the stereotypes listed above or one not on the list. Respond to the following questions:

Describe the stereotype. Do you know anyone who fits the stereotype?

Do you know someone who does not fit the stereotype?

How might someone stereotype you? Would that be a valid way to describe you? Is this the way you want people to view you? Explain your response.

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Reference no: EM13881613

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