Describe the steps needed to conduct a validation study

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Question 1. Choose three assessment approaches (e.g., work sample) and compare and contrast these. Describe the basic features, advantages, and disadvantages of each. Give an example of a scenario in which you would use each particular assessment measure.

Question 2. Describe the steps needed to conduct a validation study. What are the benefits of conducting a validation study? If you were to NOT conduct a validation study, what would be the risks?

Question 3. Describe the purpose of conducting a utility analysis. What factors influence whether the scientific selection will result in better-performing employees? How do valid predictors increase success ratios? What processes are involved in computing utility?

Question 4. Describe psychological tests. Provide examples of three different types of psychological tests, describing what they measure. Give an example of a job context in which each of these might be "job-related."

I need response should be at least 350 words in length each of question.

Reference no: EM131086974

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