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The Right Start

Through the readings and video resources this week, you are building a background for engaging effectively with learners as an adult educator. Depending on the setting in which you work, your contact with learners may involve a day, a few weeks, or months together. However, one goal is universal-getting off to "the right start" with each group of learners.

For this Discussion, consider what constitutes "the right start" for you as an adult educator. Take a practice run in planning the first minutes with a group of adult learners. Place yourself in a specific setting in which you would like to work. Imagine a group of adult learners within that setting. Now imagine introducing yourself to that group. What would you share to communicate who you are, your philosophy of teaching and learning, and your expectations? What do you need to know about these adult learners to work with them most effectively, and why? What are two strategies would you introduce to obtain this information?

As you imagine this scenario, consider possible assumptions and misconceptions you might have about this group and how you can use effective practices to avoid misjudgments.

Post your vision of "the right start" with a group of adult learners with whom you may work. Provide the following in your explanation and include references or examples from this week's readings and videos to support your ideas.

Describe the setting and the learners and explain how you will introduce yourself (including your reasoning for your choices)

Describe what you want to know about these learners and why, and discuss two practices you could use to obtain that information.

Identify any assumptions and/or misconceptions about this group you may have and at least one strategy to help you correct and/or avoid misjudgments.

Based on the previous points, conclude by summarizing what "the right start" means to you in the form of a professional goal statement.

Reference no: EM131261358

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