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Choose two long-term care facilities-one from nursing facilities, assisted living, or subacute care and another from adult day care, home health care, or hospice care, prepare a 8 page report in a Microsoft Word document including the following:

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of the administration in each department of your chosen facilities.
  • Identify and list the sources of financing available to consumers for the various programs provided by your chosen facilities. Identify the key public and private sources of reimbursement available. Also discuss the role played by managed care and its impact on long-term care reimbursement.
  • Describe the various government and private resources available that assist in developing and maintaining quality improvement programs in your chosen facilities. Describe the ways in which quality and cost are controlled in your chosen facilities. Also discuss the ethical aspect of access to care in the facilities, including rationing.

Based on your observations and learning from the two facilities, discuss the changes brought in the long-term care system to make it reach full status as a competition-driven system. You may include the following points in your discussion:

  • Discuss the changes made in the control mechanisms (external and internal) in order to control the management, financing, and quality in the long-term care systems.
  • Discuss the changes taking place in long-term care reimbursement system in order to provide better reimbursement options both to consumers and providers.
  • Discuss the changes made in the efforts of providers to accommodate changing magnitude of the day-to-day needs of long-term care consumers.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.

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