Describe the role of values in the rise of the modem
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Using course materials as well as your own research, please respond to the questions posted below. Responses should be 8-10, double-spaced, APA format (or a consistent formatting style), 12 point font. Make sure to liberally cite (not quote, but cite) course materials.

1. Describe the role of values in the rise of the modem environmental movement (i.e. 1960s-1970s), and how this shift has influenced the formation of environmental laws.

Based on the readings and your own analysis, discuss the various roles of environmentalists and conservationists, in terms of urban and rural residents. Discuss whether you believe there are fundamental differences in environmental policy based on urban-rural residency.

2. Using the Kraft text as a guide, briefly identify who you think of as the most important actors Involved in environmental policy.

Why did you chose those actors? White there are many key players in the formation and implementation of environmental policy, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a pivotal role in environmental protection in the U.S.

Discuss how the EPA implements environmental policy and the critical role of the Presidential Administration in affecting the EPA's mission. Make sure to include a discussion on the Implementation of environmental laws.

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