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For this assignment you will compose the Incident Summary and the Role of Emergency Operations sections of the AAR. The incident summary should clarify the incident's details to ensure your readers understand the scope of the situation under analysis. The Role of Emergency Operations section should analyze the EO response during the incident, discuss whether the plans in place were comprehensive and sufficient to guide response efforts, and determine how emergency operations plans can be improved.

Emergency operations plans (EOPs) are critical to provide an effective response during an emergency or disaster. Emergency operations planning is complex because it requires the coordination of multiple agencies and must account for the many hazards and threats that could strike a community. Utilizing the all-hazards approach and conducting risk assessments of the surrounding region are necessary for effective planning. It is also essential for an EOP to clearly coordinate efforts among government officials and agencies, emergency responders, and the community to be effective. Finally, EOPs must conform to federal; state; and local standards, policies, and procedures as required by law.

For the Role of Emergency Operations sections, research and analyze the response efforts of your selected incident. Consider whether or not the response efforts evinced effective planning. Can you detect where response efforts may have strayed from the EOP or can you detect where the plans may not have been sufficient to guide all response functions? Available details on the EOP may vary depending on the incident you select. If details are scarce, rely on your professional judgment and knowledge about operations to determine whether or not the response was indicative of effective planning. If there were major problems with response, there were likely problems with the plan. See if you can pinpoint those problems.

Finally, pay particular attention to the role of communications in the response. Nearly every response effort is hampered in some way by communication problems. What communication problems are evident in your situation?

Complete your research and then submit the following:

An incident summary overviewing the major details of the incident. Include a description of the chain of events, major stakeholders, and consequences (1-2 pages).

The Role of Emergency Operations section of your AAR. Discuss the major strengths of the response, the primary challenges or errors made during the response, and recommend both short- and long-term improvements to the EOP that would ensure a more effective response to emergency situations in the future. Be sure to discuss the role of communications and recommendations for improving communications in this section (3-4 pages).

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

Reference no: EM131371549

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