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Systems Analyst Workplace Case Study


Part 1- 300 words Blog - Discuss and describe the role of analyst

Source a real workplace situation. It could be a case study in the text book, a personal workplace experience, that of a friend or relative, or a case study you have found online, cite the source. First, in general terms describe the role of a systems analyst, then demonstrate your understanding, by providing examples of that role in the context of the workplace situation in your source.

Part 2- 300 words Blog - Discuss and describe system analysis

For the same case study as used in Part 1, and with reference to the first three chapters of the textbook, define what systems analysis is, demonstrating your understanding by using specific examples from the case study to illustrate the points you are making.


This assignment has been designed to allow students to test and demonstrate their topic understanding related to:

? the context of an information system;

? the processes in systems analysis;

? the approaches in systems analysis.

Reference no: EM13839236

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