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1. As a restaurant manager or general manager, you will be responsible for the selection of foodservice equipment during the remodeling or construction of a new hotel or restaurant. You may gather information from various experts with knowledge of foodservice equipment, but ultimately, you will be making the final decision. In planning the selection of foodservice equipment, what are the key considerations you'll have to make in the selection process? Why do you think these considerations are important? How will these considerations you have established affect your operation, staff, and costs?

2. You are developing a marketing plan for a new, upscale fine dining restaurant with 200 seats and expected volume of $4,000,000 per annum in Las Vegas. Organize a plan on what key elements you will include in writing up your marketing plan. Include the various components of the marketing plan and how they relate to the restaurant business. Choose several examples of the components of the marketing plan that you covered and give examples in relation to the restaurant industry.

3. The registration staff functions are critical to the overall satisfaction of the guest. If you were an assistant manager responsible for the room's division of a full-service hotel, how would you organize the registration and guest services staff? What are the best practices you would establish for handling guest services, the registration process, arrivals, departures, and group arrivals? How will your staff interact with the guest as they arrive and check out of the hotel?

4. You have just been appointed as the executive housekeeper for a full-service, 600-room resort hotel. Describe the role and duties of your assistant housekeeper, inspector, house staff, laundry supervisor, guest room attendant, runner, linen room supervisor, and linen room attendant. What are your expectations from each of your key employees? How will the housekeeping departments work with the other departments in the hotel? Evaluate and explore the organizational structure you will establish in the housekeeping department.

5. You are a regional manager for a hotel chain responsible for the initial setup of the organizational structure of new properties. Prepare a complete review of the departments you would set up in a full-service hotel property of 500 rooms. Give an overview of each department in detail, how you would set up, and the important role and duties of each. How might these departments interact with each other?

6. You are going to go into the restaurant business. You have found a site that meets all of the site location and demographic rules required for your full-service restaurant, which includes a bar and lounge operation with entertainment held 4 nights a week. You are beginning the process of considering all state and federal legal requirements of opening a restaurant. Analyze and discuss the various legal requirements of opening and operating the restaurant. Include not only the initial requirements in opening a restaurant but also the ongoing laws you must comply with. Give details on these legal issues and how they might affect your business if you do not comply.

7. You are the general manager of a full-service hotel. You need to set up best practices to organize and staff your sales and marketing department. Discuss how you would set up your sales staff. What are the responsibilities of the various members of the sales department? Give an overview of characteristics you would like to promote and establish in your sales department and the characteristics of your sales people.

Reference no: EM13765017

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