Describe the relationship depicted in the graphs

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Advance Measurement and Evaluation-

1. Please match the correct scale of measurement to each statement. Explain why this is the correct level of measurement.

A. Ordinal B. Ratio C. Nominal D. Interval

_____A teacher ranks her first-grade students based on scores on a spelling test
______ The weight of 10 year olds in the U.S.
_______ Current temperature in Washington, DC.

2. Describe each distribution below:


3. Describe the relationship depicted in the graphs below:


4. In high school, a teacher gave two section of a class the same arithmetic test. The results were as follows: Interpret each standard deviation relative to the mean.

Section I: Mean 45, Standard deviation 6.5.
Section II: Mean 45, Standard deviation 3.1.
Which of the following conclusions is correct?

a. Section I is more variable than Section II.
b. Section II is more variable than Section I.
c. Both sections are equally variable.
d. Section II has brighter students than Section I.

5. Compare and contrast norm vs. criterion-referenced assessments. Be sure to discuss the interpretation of each assessment and appropriate applications.

6. Provide a scenario where you would utilize formative and summative assessment.

7. Interpret the following statements (classify each of the statements AS norm or criterion

A. Ella scored in the 60th percentile in mathematics
B. Ella answered 60 out of 80 science questions correctly.
C. If a student's raw score is in the 45th percentile, what percentage of students in the had a higher score?

Reference no: EM13970384

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