Describe the relationship between pai and hemi

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Whale rider movie -

1. In your opinion, was Koro's treatment of Pai ethical? Why? Why not? Remember that they lived in a culture different than that of the United States.

2. Was the grandfather's treatment of his eldest son "fair"? Why? Why not?

3. Traditionally (as presented in the film), what is the importance of the "taiaha"?

4. Describe the relationship between Pai and Hemi.

5. What is the movie's theme, and how does it relate to similar (the same) issues facing countries and cultures throughout the modern world?

Reference no: EM13895698

Political ideologies in the united states

Identify the four most common political ideologies in the United States. Describe the basic beliefs of two of the ideologies, and what sort of policies would subscribers of

Describe the development of airplane as a weapon

Write essay 3 single-spaced pages size 12 about describe the development of airplane as a weapon of war at a minimum include the RAF, Rotary Engines verses inline Engines, a

Forecasting play in the strategic planning process

What role does forecasting play in the strategic planning process? What are some aspects of forecasting you must consider in your plan? Why? Do you believe forecasting is reli

Create video presentation utilizing outline you have prepare

Create an outline for the presentation in Microsoft Word. Create the video presentation utilizing the outline you have prepared. Record the narration from the speaker notes.

Description of two examples of stereotype of your culture

A description of two examples of a stereotype of your culture that is found in the media or that you experienced personally. Explain the effects that true and untrue aspects

Bone is a very active tissue-endosteum-lacunae-lamellae

Bone is a very active tissue. Please explain the pathway of how the bone cells get nutrients and oxygen from the blood vessels using the following terms: Periosteum, endosteum

Determine all unknown flow rates and compositions

A distillation column with a reboiler and condenser is used to separate 100 mol/min of equimolar mixture benzene and toluene. Use the systematic procedure to determine all un

What are these distinctions and obligations

In "A Few Words on Non-Intervention," J. S. Mill (46) writes about a drawing of distinctions between civilized and barbaric peoples. (577 ++) Also, he continues on with the


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