Describe the relationship between pai and hemi

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Whale rider movie -

1. In your opinion, was Koro's treatment of Pai ethical? Why? Why not? Remember that they lived in a culture different than that of the United States.

2. Was the grandfather's treatment of his eldest son "fair"? Why? Why not?

3. Traditionally (as presented in the film), what is the importance of the "taiaha"?

4. Describe the relationship between Pai and Hemi.

5. What is the movie's theme, and how does it relate to similar (the same) issues facing countries and cultures throughout the modern world?

Reference no: EM13895698

Why do measures of performance often tell incomplete story

Why do measures of performance often tell an incomplete story about performance? How can they be improved? Give examples and support your position with research and cite you

Domestic scale

"Being a marketing manager of a pharmaceutical company at domestic scale, list down the core competencies of your firm & advice how will you add value to these core competenci

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How do service layouts differ from manufacturing layouts (or do they)? Give a personal example of either a service layout and example of a poorly designed layout and what caus

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Analyze four (4) policy choices of Mayor Schell that were made as part of the strategy for the homeless. Analyze the PreImplementation and Design Strategies of Mayor Schell an

How does sport differ from recreation and play

Define sport in your terms. How does sport differ from recreation and play? Was Dani (New Guinea) "warfare" sport, yes or no and why? How does Dani warfare differ from sport

Symbolic-interaction analysis

Sociological implications of the modern economy and the workplace environment. Compare and contrast the meaning of careers from the structural-functional analysis, the symbo

Explain the hmong approach to epilepsy and its treatment

explain how, as an anthropologist, you would study the problem they are experiencing delivering treatment to the Hmong community in Merced in order to devise a solution;

Development of the systems survey

How involved should an accountant be in the development of the systems survey? What specific topics should the accountant author and which others do you think he/she would be


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