Describe the purpose for setting actionable goals

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Creating a Plan for Continued Action and Follow-Up

This essay serves as the next section of your Leadership Coaching Plan. In a 750-word essay, discuss strategies for collaborating with the leader to set actionable goals. Incorporate the following in your discussion:

1. Describe the purpose for setting actionable goals.

2. How will you help the leader create a development plan with actionable goals?

3. How will you help the leader to strive toward a mastery level of development? Be specific (See page 207 of your textbook).

4. Which follow-up strategies will be integrated into the plan to support the leader's commitment and persistence toward the goals? How will this follow-up plan support the stages of learning and change?

ORG 6000, Leadership Development and Coaching 7 Use library sources, in addition to the unit readings, to support your rationale. Remember to apply APA style to the essay and to use headings and subheadings throughout. Also, be sure to abide by Waldorf's Academic Integrity Policy.

Reference no: EM131346697

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