Describe the project communication plan used for the project

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Complete this assignment, you will consolidate the previous three writing assignments into a PowerPoint Presentation.

Your project is now in its closing stage. You are ready to present a final report to your major stakeholders, and deliver the project to the client/customer.

Develop a closing process PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint presentation must have speaker notes and these speaker notes must be written as if you were presenting this project to your stakeholders. A template is provided for your use. You can modify the template based on your professor's instructions. Do not omit any information from the template because the information aligns with the rubric.

PowerPoint Resources

Review the videos in the playlist "Creating a Presentation in PowerPoint 2013", located at, for tips on getting started using PowerPoint.

Review the "Death by PowerPoint" presentation, located at, for tips on effectively creating engaging presentations.

Prepare a twelve to fifteen slide presentation in which you:

Identify the project objectives, and conclude how the project team has met each of the identified objectives.

Discuss how having a project charter contributed to the success of your project.

Identify the stakeholders, and describe how stakeholders' analysis has assisted in a smooth management of the project.

Analyze the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) created, along with the explanation for each task.

Present the project plan / network created, and make sure that critical path is properly depicted.

Describe the techniques of reducing project duration, and describe if any such techniques are used for your project.

Describe the project communication plan used for the project.

Describe the main assumptions and exclusions (taken from scope statement), dependencies, or any other major issues of the project.

Explain how they have been handled.

Distinguish the scope, time, and cost constraints.

Compile a list of six best practices arising from this project's lessons learned.

Recommend methods to avoid similar obstacles in future projects.

Compose a list of next steps with the assumption that there is a need to create another phase for this project.

Format your assignment according to the following formatting requirements:

Use the PowerPoint presentation template that can be found in the online course shell. Your professor will inform you if the template can be modified. If you need more than the maximum allotted number of slides for your presentation, contact your professor for the approval.

Include a Title Slide which contains the title of the assignment, the student's name, the professor's name, the course title, and the date. The Reference Slide must follow APA format. A minimum of three references are required. The Title Slide and Reference Slide are not included in the required page length.

Create Speaker Notes to accompany each slide that emphasize and embellish the key points to the stakeholders. Please be clear and thorough as if you are actually presenting.

Reference no: EM131417470

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