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This assignment addresses the following course outcomes: - Describe the process of managing project knowledge using existing knowledge and creating new knowledge. - Summarize the benefits of work breakdown structure (WBS). Assignment Instructions: Your team works for Allied General Hospital located in Bismarck, North Dakota. The CEO hand-selected the project team to work on a key initiative that is aligned with the mission and vision of the organization. Even though the team members are busy with other operational duties, turning down this highly-visible assignment is not an option. The CEO provides the following key objective to the team: To create the capability of providing specific medical services via mobile devices by EOY. While some team members have knowledge regarding telemedicine, to most the concept is new. Your team will provide responses to the following questions: • Based on what you know, create a project charter. • Identify at least 15 stakeholders that you will interview. • Provide a list of 10 questions that you will ask the stakeholders. • Discuss 5 risks that you will encounter with this project? How will you address them? • How will you keep the CEO posted regarding project progress? How often will you meet with this person? What type of reports will you provide? Please make sure to address budget, schedule, and scope. • How will you define project success? How do you know the objective was met? Please write APA Style paper between 750-to-1,000 words, and include at least five (5) sources.

Reference no: EM132281051

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