Describe the process of healing a fracture

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Complete the following steps before answering the questions below:

1. Review the following clinical illustrations in ADAM:

Clinical Illustrations

Skeletal System- upper limb- radial head injury

Fracture types

Bone building exercise

Muscular System - upper limb- active vs inactive

2. Answer the questions below. You may use your text and any other resources you wish, please be sure to cite your sources! Submit your answers as a word document to the week 3 dropbox.


1. List two factors that keep bones healthy. Describe in detail how these factors impact bone health.

2. Describe the process of healing a fracture

3. How does the saying "use it or lose it" apply to muscles? What type of exercise is the best way to improve muscle strength? muscle size? In your answer be sure to explain how the different types of exercise work to increase strength or size!

4. Why do all muscle cross a joint? Define the attachment points of muscle to bone.

5. How are gouty arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis similar? In what ways do they differ? What are the causes and treatments for each?

Reference no: EM13836759

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