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1. Do you think Judy has the necessary resources to develop a pet services business?

2. Do you have any competitive advantage? Describe the potential segments of the market that could be simulated and choose the ones that could be chosen.

3. Who is Judy's competition?

4. What should be Judy's value proposition relative to her competence?


Judy Brown has always liked working with animals. She has experience in pet care, preparation, cleaning and nursery. In addition, in another place, in the place where we live before moving to the place where he currently lives, we work in an exclusive beauty salon dedicated exclusively to pets and has an exclusive license of pet stylist. Judy is thinking of offering a type of service dedicated to pets to take advantage of their skills and experience.

She wants to occupy a unique position in the market compared to other traditional pet services (petgrooming / boarding) that operate in the city where she lives. As part of their research, I have found that the prices they charge are very high and that the pet preparation techniques they use are not very advanced. In addition to this, you have noticed that customers who are currently using business services are carried out during the day. Many of these businesses are open between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. only Monday through Friday.

Judy lives in a medium-sized city that is very close to an airport. Many high-tech companies are located in or near your city, therefore, there are a lot of professionals in management positions in these companies that have to travel as part of their work. Also many families have pets so Judy thinks there is a market for pet-related services despite the current competition.

Reference no: EM132234628

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