Describe the potential negative impacts on a small river

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For each of the below 3 questions describe, discuss and add to the answers (diagram or figure or tables where appropriate and needed.)

1-Describe the potential negative impacts on a small river downstream from where it receives a factory liquid waste discharge that has a high biological oxygen demand (BOD), as well as high nitrate and phosphate levels

2-(a) What is biomagnification? Explain how it can have a negative impact on ecosystems

(b) Describe one method by which soils contaminated by anthropogenic (caused by human activity) hydrocarbons can be decontaminated and one method by which soils contaminated by anthropogenic heavy metals can be decontaminated.

3-What are the main sources for anthropogenic sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions that can create acid rain? Describe the impacts that acid rain can have on forest and lake ecosystems, as well as buildings and other constructed structures.

Reference no: EM13857532

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