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Using course materials as well as your own research, please respond to the questions posted below. Responses should be 8-10, double-spaced, APA format (or a consistent formatting style), 12 point font. Make sure to liberally cite (not quote, but cite) course materials.

Over the last several weeks you have been examining key environmental issues in the American West. Using earlier readings from Salzman and Thompson, as well as the weekly reads and outside resources, please select an environmental issue in the U.S. West that is interesting to you.

Then, follow the outline below to develop your paper.

I. Introduction: Introduce the issue to be discussed in brief historical and contemporary context.

II. Legal & Policy Dimensions: Using the Salzman & Thompson book, please provide a legal context for your issue and describe the policy issues as play (e.g. actors, anti-pro positions, etc.)

III. Arguments: What are the arguments supporting or opposing this issue? What are the broader environmental issues at play (e.g. climate change, habitat connectivity, population growth, etc.)

IV. Analysis: What are your thoughts on the issue? Do you have an argument for or against (or can you see both sides)? What are some possible policy solutions? Are they realistic?

V. Conclusion: Relevant concluding comments concerning your topic and analysis.

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