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The assignment has two sections.


You are currently employed in a professional job role for an employer organisation and have been advised by the human resource department to compile a portfolio that you will present to your director in the run up to your next performance appraisal. This advice comes after you have expressed an interest in being promoted to the next iob Grade within your organisation, where the portfolio will be used as an accurate self-evaluation of not only your current skills and competencies, but. also how you see your skills and competencies developinq in order to be qualified for the higher job grade.

Specifically, you have been advised to compile a portfolio which contains information concerning the following aspects of the professional role:

1. Your responsibilities, perfomiance. personal and professional development.
2. Your interpersonal and professional skills.
3. Your dynamics of working with others.
4. Your strategies for problem solving.

As well as providing information which is based upon your current employment role and experiences, you are required to provide a theoretical basis for these as you develop your portfolio, e.g. as in the case of the dynamics of working with others and your real-life employment experiences of working with others.

When providing examples and reflections for the portfolio, ensure that they are relevant to your current professional job role and employer organisation. or a previous employment rf you are not currently employed.

If you are not currently employed, you may choose a previous professional job role and employer organisation as your starting point With respect to your professional development. aim this towards a particular professional job role that you wish to aspire to in the field of business computing, e.g. senior business computing analyst in the Apple corporation. and explain the role your current studies on the Business Computing degree plays in your development plan.

You are to complete this assignment by focussing on the following sub-tasks

Assignment Task

Using the learning materials provided in iLearn, reading matenals from authoritative sources, information given in the scenario. your personal employment experience reflections, and research from the world-wide-web, you are required to answer the following assignment sub-tasks:

1. With reference to your employment scenano:

a) Describe the pnncipal elements of your current job role and its responsibilities.

b) Summarise your particular skills and competencies in the Personal Information Sheet format.

C) Reflect on your current skills and then complete the Skills Audit Template

d) Explain the difference between Cascadina Objectives and Personal Objectives, and give examples from your employment.

e) Reflect on your performance obiecbves and then complete the Personal Development Plan. (See Appendix 2 of this assignment)

2. With reference to your employment scenano:

a) With examples from your work place, explain the 7Cs of effective communication

b) Describe how you effectively communicate in your employer organisation

c) Describe the interpersonal skills you use in your employer organisation.

d) Describe how you manage your time in your employer organisation.

3. With reference to your employment scenano:

a) Explain Tuckman's model of team development and croup dynamics using an example from your work place

b) Describe how you work with others in your employer organisation. cl Describe how teams are built in your employer organisation.

4. Wiin reference to your employment scenario:

a) Explain the basic principles underpinning Cause and Effect Analysis and the circumstances under which it should be used.

b) Describe a significant problem that has arisen within the job role of your employer organisation.

c) Describe the process you used to specify the problem.

d) Describe how you identified possible solutions.

e) Describe the tools and methods you used to solve the problem. 0 Describe how you planned and implemented the solution.

g) Describe how you evaluated the problem's solution.


Using your own experiences. and reflections on these, as a communicator and learner, consider the following:

• How you communicate orally and in writing in various contexts

• How you learn and your personal learning style in various contexts

The theories and concepts underpinning these are set out in the learning materials of iLeam and represent the areas that you need to address for this coursework assignment, by focussing on tasks 1 & 2. As well as referencing the relevant theories and concepts for each task, the majority of the work you do for each task will be based around reflections on your communication skills and personal learning style in various employment and study contexts.Assignment Tasks

Using the learning materials provided in iLeam, reading materials from authoritative sources (e.g EBSCO, Google Scholar), information concerning your communication skills and personal learning style based on your experiences and reflections on these, you are required to answer the following assignment tasks (1 & 2) and their respective component parts (a. b. etc.):

1. This task concerns communication skills.

a) Summarise the principal concepts and theones of communication including making oral and written presentations, conducting interviews and conducting meetings.

b) Reflecting on your own personal communication experiences involving presentations. interviews and meetings. describe how your actual communications compared to the concepts ad theories. Highlight any differences between the theories and your current practice.

c) Discuss whether you have learned anything new from the various concepts and theories that could be used to your advantage in future communications of the various forms specified above

2. This task concerns learning styles

a) Summarise the principal concepts, theories and models of learning and learning styles.

b) Reflecting on your own personal learning style, describe how your learning style compares to the concepts, theories and models of learning. Highlight any differences between the models and your current practice.

c) Discuss whether you have learned anything new from the various concepts, theories and models of learning that could be used to your advantage in your future learning

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Reference no: EM13845378

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