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One of the first major tasks in the software development process is to develop the requirements. Requirements analysis and documentation is an area that seldom receives adequate attention, but it is potentially the most important step in a successful software development project.

For this assignment, you will identify the requirements for the project you selected in the first week. You will also perform a requirements analysis to help solidify the requirements and prepare the path for the design of the software. Finally, you will prepare the design based on the requirements.

The following are the project deliverables:

  • Update the software development plan document title page with a new date and project name.
  • Update the previously completed sections based on your instructor's feedback.
  • Add the following new content:
    • Requirements:
      • Describe the approach that you will take to gather the requirements for the project.
      • Work through the steps in your requirements gathering process, and define the requirements for your project. Be sure to provide a sufficient number of high-level requirements (at least 10) to allow design of the application to proceed.
      • Describe the requirements elicitation process used and whether each requirement is functional or nonfunctional.
      • Requirements should be stated in measurable terms. At a minimum, the requirements should each include a description, rationale, measurement criterion, and priority.
      • Include an analysis of your requirements to ensure that the most important requirements are included, and summarize your conclusions.
    • Design:
      • Describe the overall architecture of your application.
      • Identify each of the major components of the application, and describe how they will work together. A component diagram should be used to illustrate the architecture, and a UML class diagram should be provided to show the class hierarchy and relationships for the application.
      • Provide at least 1 use case for each component to demonstrate how the component will be used in the application.
      • Prepare a visual design for the main screen of your application.
      • Address any data management requirements in your design.
  • Be sure to update your table of contents before submission.

Reference no: EM13807572

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