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1. Measurement is the assignment of numbers to characteristics (or attributes) of objects according to a pre-specified set of rules. Describe the object and characteristics of Syafiq's study.

2. The measurement of more abstract and subjective characteristics (or attributes - such for instance the attributes in Syafiq's study) is more difficult than the measurement of other, more tangible attributes such as weight, length, gender, age, and marital status. Why is that?

3. One way of tapping more abstract and subjectvie attributes is operationalizing these attributes.

a. What is operationalization?

b. Describe the process of operationalizing variables.

4. Based on are view of the literature Syafiq has developed a table(Table1)that should help him to operationalize the variables of his conceptual model. Use this table to discuss the attribute ‘Information Quality' in terms of dimensions and elements. In other words, which dimensions of ‘Information Quality' has Syafiq found in the literature and how have these dimensions further been broken into elements by researchers who have investigated this issue in the past?

5. Syafiq could decide to use the survey questions he has found in the literature as a basis for hisquestionnaire. Is it, in general, a good or a bad idea to use existing scales? Why?

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Reference no: EM13520797

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