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Question: Find a peer-reviewed article that discusses a mediator or a moderator. You are encouraged to find an article related to your final project topic, but you may also use one of the articles listed here:

• Relationships Among Race, Education, Criminal Thinking, and Recidivism: Moderator and Mediator Effects (By Glenn D. Walters)

• Mediators and Moderators of Functional Impairment in Adults With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (By Eric A. Storch, Monica S. Wua, Brent J. Small, Erika A. Crawford , Adam B. Lewina, Betty Horng, Tanya K. Murphy)

Describe the nature of the relationship that the mediator or moderator has to the independent and dependent variable.

Does the general way that the author describes the mediator or moderator seem to fit with the process outlined by Baron and Kenny? Try not to get too bogged down with the statistics of the mediator and moderator tests, focus on the general principles.

Reference no: EM132280874

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