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Question 1. Analyze a recent experience that you have had with a service business (for example, a hairdresser, movie theater, car repair, or restaurant) in terms of your expectations and perceptions about each of the five components of service quality.

Question 2. A local supermarket would like to introduce their own brand of paper goods (e.g., paper towels, facial tissue, etc.) to sell alongside their current inventory. The company has hired you to generate a brief report outlining the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Write the report.

Question 3. Describe the most likely marketing channel structure for each of these consumer products: candy bars, Tupperware products, nonfiction books, new automobiles, farmers' market produce, and stereo equipment. Now construct alternative channels for these same products. 

Question 4. What are the key differences between relationship selling and traditional methods of selling? Which types of products or services do you think would be conducive to relationship selling?

Question 5. Discuss the AIDA concept. How do these different stages of consumer involvement affect the promotional mix?

Question 6. What are the three basic defenses that a seller can use if accused under the Robinson-Patman Act?

Question 7. A(n) _____ involves the performance, an action, or an effort that is intangible.
application processor
profit intermediary
tangible product

Question 8. Because of service _____, a service may not be held in inventory or warehoused.

Question 9. This describes the basis for the consumer product classification system:
how the market is segmented
the way the products are manufactured
effort level to acquire the product
the physical attributes of the product

Question 10. A (n) _____ connects the new-product development process with marketing objectives established by an organization, a business unit, and the marketing department.
product-review committee
concept test
episodic innovation
new-product strategy

Question 11. A good is a type of product that can be touched, tasted, seen, or heard by a customer. Another type of product is a service, which cannot be sensed. Identify the sentence that best describes a service:
A service is impervious
A service is intangible
A service is synergistic
A service is perishable

Question 12. This means everything, both positive and negative, that an individual receives in an exchange; it can be tangible, intangible, an idea, intellectual property, a celebrity, or a combination of these things.
brand equity

Question 13. Which of the following is an example of a product's tangible features?
Brand equity
Generating excitement
Providing consumer options

Question 14. It is difficult to achieve consistency and standardization of services because of which service characteristic?

Question 15. Choose the best answer that describes a set of interrelated actions that extend across organizations in the supply chain:
ABC segmentation strategies
Activity-based costing
Customer relationship management
Business processes

Question 16. This type of distribution happens when a producer chooses two or more types of channels to distribute a product to customers:

Question 17. Jones Soda is positioned as the anti-Coke. In the early years, few mainstream retailers sold Jones Soda. Fans had to get their Jones fix in surf shops, tattoo parlors, and bookstores, adding to the brand's mystique. Jones Soda used its _____ to create a competitive advantage.
channel ascendancy
distribution channel
channel conflict
channel focus

Question 18. Identify the best answer that describes a deficiency in all features and benefits a customer needs, wants, or desires to be fully satisfied with a product:
Discrepancy of assortment
Discrepancy of quantity
Spatial discrepancy
Temporal discrepancy

Question 19. Identify the party typically responsible for creating a brand name, a product idea, establishing operational guidelines, and grants permission for another entity to sell its product:
The franchisee
The lessor
The franchisor
The entrepreneur

Question 20. Which level of distribution intensity is the most restrictive and entails establishing only one or a few dealers within a given geographic area?





Question 21. Describes a cooperative agreement between two or more organizations:
strategic partnership
casual business alliance
marketing intermediaries
business relationship

Question 22. ______ is a type of business configuration of mutually dependent organizations that stems from producer to the consumer.
Facilitating agency or place member
Marketing mix intermediary
Selective distribution channel
Marketing channel or channel of distribution

Question 23. Identify the promotional function that assesses the attitude of the public, prepares a company for interfacing with the public, and implements an action plan to build public awareness is referred to as:
public relations
implicit communications
personal selling

Question 24. Describes the level of autonomy and authority given to employees to make mutually satisfying decisions to serve the needs, wants, and desires of customers for the purpose of developing loyal customers:
Consumer learning

Question 25. An organization that adopts a(n) _____ will customize a product in accordance with customer needs, wants, or desires that are identified in by analyzing data derived from interactions between customers and the organization.
customer-centric focus
supply-based focus
sales orientation
supply-based focus

Question 26. The public information about an organization or its products that appears in the news media:
personal selling
mass communications

Question 27. Identify the public relations approach that involves the promotion of a product or brand name within a Hollywood movie or cable television show:
Press release
Product placement
Product publicity
Consumer education

Question 28. A type of sales tactic focused on developing, maintaining, and improving associations with consumers for the purpose of constructing mutually favorable partnerships:
Adaptive selling
Stimulus-response selling
Relationship selling

Question 29. Defined as any form of sponsor-identified, impersonal paid mass communication:
Public relations

Question 30. A (n) ______ strategy pertains to a producer that concentrates efforts on promoting directly to the consumer.

Question 31. The volume of a product for sale in the marketplace at different prices for a specific time period is called:
market share

Question 32. An organization employing a _______ pricing objective may use market share pricing.

Question 33. When an organization launches a new product into the marketplace at a reasonably low price because it aspires to arrive at mass market volume of sales within a year's time; it is employing what type of strategy? The reasonably low price is intended to capture a sizeable share of a large market and generate lower manufacturing costs.
penetration pricing
price-insensitive demand
price skimming
price elasticity

Question 34. A pricing objective known as ______ is used by a company that wants to set prices for the purpose of increasing total revenue while maintaining or lowering costs.
profit maximization
market share pricing
demand-oriented pricing
sales maximization

Question 35. What is the approach that determines the required sales volume that must be attained prior to total revenues being equal to total costs?
Marginal revenue estimates
Price equilibrium analyses
Break-even analyses
Average total cost (ATC) figures

Question 36. Identify the type of pricing that means a consumers will be charged odd-numbered prices (e. g. $1.99) to indicate a bargain, and even-numbered prices ($100.00) to suggest high product quality:
Bait pricing
Price bundling
1-2 pricing
Odd-even pricing

Question 37. Describes a cost that shifts with the intensity of output:
Variable cost
Fixed cost

Question 38. A(n) ______ strategy is employed to improve the perceived quality of a product brand image by selling at artificially high prices.
profit maximization
investment asset
maintained markup pricing
prestige pricing.

Reference no: EM13739185

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