Describe the molecular-genetic basis for these observations

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In the lab you observe a tumor culture that first responds to a cancer drug by shrinking, losing cells that die from the effects of the drug. Later the tumor stops shrinking and after a few days it begins growing in size. Describe the molecular and genetic basis for these observations.

Reference no: EM13531332

Write short definitions for sexual reproduction

Write short definitions for Sexual reproduction, Asexual reproduction, Centromere, Metacentric, Submetacentric, Telocentric, Chromatids, Karyotype, Centrioles, Mitotic spindle

What advantage to the plant are root hairs

what advantge is it to the plant in not having the root hairs nearer the tip of the root and of what advantage to the plant are root hairs? can you also please explain why d

The mad scientists death-ray

Will victim die, or would the scientist have to go back to the laboratory to invent a more effective death-ray. The DNA is consequently isolated and centrifuged in a CsCl2 gra

Full of wispy cirrus clouds

You are presently taking a weather observation. The sky is full of wispy cirrus clouds estimated to be about 7 km overhead with a slope of 1:200. If the warm front is approa

Make out the cells under the microscope

Two linked genes, S and T, are separated by 8 cM. Peter, who has the genotype ST/st, marries Oliviam who is st/st. peter's father was ST/ST. what is the probability that peter

Panels hang perpendicularly from the side of a dock

Utilize your imagination to describe two ways in which disturbance of the sort just described may affect the animals that live on the panels and amount of free space available

Free energy than the reactants

If the ΔG of a reaction was -31.45 kJoules, you would know that: 1.) the products have more free energy than the reactants. 2.) the reaction requires an energy input of 31.45

Determine the gene order

A cross is made between 2 E. coli strains: Hfr arg+ bio+ leu+ (x) F- arg- bio- leu-. Interuppted mating studies show that arg+ enteres the recipient last, so arg+ recombinants


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