Describe the metrics used to document the current state

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The Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant

By Wickham Skinner and Heather Beckham

Please help with an analysis and action plan for the above case.

Provide Approaches: Present two or three possible approaches you might take to address the root causes of the problem. Your approaches should include compelling rationale, based on the case evidence and on the course literature, and a short implementation plan and timeline.

Describe Metrics: Describe the metrics used to document the current state in the case (see, also, the case exhibits). Define how these metrics would be expected to change in the future state (after implementation) for the key issues you defined. Include a description of measures that you would undertake in order to know whether the action plan made a positive difference at Treadway. You are attempting to define how you will know whether the action plan, during and after implementation, made a positive difference at Treadway. Metrics and measures can refer to both quantitative and qualitative data.

Present Parallels: Finally, choose an issue addressed in the Treadway case (resources, costs, motivation, human resources, training, turnover, et cetera) and briefly discuss parallels between the case (and your action plan) and your experiences in education.

Reference no: EM13918266

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