Describe the message the soldier poet tries to convey

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Here is a link to the First World War Digital Poetry Archive, which features different WWI poets with their biographies and original works. Use this for information on your post:

While the idea of the soldier poet may seem unlikely, the devastating effects of technological warfare during WWI produced memorable poetry. Pick one poem in our text or from a web source and describe the message the soldier poet tries to convey, citing a few lines in your post.

Chose a poem not selected by another classmate.

Explain whether you think poems like these would be successful or popular today. What might be a better way to describe modern war: blogs? videos? websites?

Of the various authors, artists, and musicians who participated in the Harlem Renaissance, identify the person whose autograph you would most want, and explain the reasons why.

Provide one example that illustrates the reason you selected the person that you did.

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Reference no: EM13879485

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