Describe the mechanism of action of antiarrhythmics

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1. Briefly present the most common side effects of cardiovascular drugs. Why some of them can cause electrolyte abnormalities, dysrhythmias or drug-drug interactions. Give some examples.

2. Present the rationale for clinical applications of renin-angiotensin inhibitors. What are the major side effects?

3. What is a difference between centrally acting sympatholytics and peripherally acting sympatholytics? How can they be used in clinical practice?

4. Describe the mechanism of action of diuretics. Give a comparison of their pharmacokinetic parameters and site effects.

5. Describe the mechanism of action of antiarrhythmics. Give a comparison of their electrophysiological actions, clinical applications, drug-drug interactions and their site effects.

Reference no: EM13673241

What is the expected sex ratio at birth

a)twice as many males as females b) twice as many females as males c) equal numbers of male and females d)four times as many males as females e)four times as many females as

Venipuncture-drug administration

Determine the regulations concerning venipuncture, drug administration, and IV medication. Discuss the possible repercussions that could arise when these standards are viola

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What are the major currents of the North PacificGyre? Which direction do these currents flow andwhy? Describe any 2 physical variables responsible for thesemajor gyres (keep

What agencies or resources will be helpful to you

Could the disorder be detected by prenatal testing? What type of test would be most accurate? if not how is it diagnosed? Use your knowledge of genetic technology to answer

Explain, in a sequential fashion

Explain, in a sequential fashion, the steps involved in the initiation and propagation of an action potential including all neurotransmitters and ions involved in the proces

Distinguish between transduction and transformation

Explain how a U-tube apparatus can distinguish between genetic transfer involving conjugation and genetic transfer involving transduction. Do you think a U-tube could be use

The backbone of the membrane lipid sphingomyelin

The backbone of the membrane lipid sphingomyelin is one or moresugar residues rather than. The more oxidized a carbon is to beging with, the less exergonicits oxidation will b

Red pigmentation in the head and throat

In the wild, male house finches (Carpodus mexicanus) vary considerably in the amount of red pigmentation in their head and throat feathers, with colors ranging from pale yello


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