Describe the major life events of the theorist that you feel

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Analysis of a Personality

For this assignment, you will have a chance to put into practice all you have been learning throughout this course. You will analyze the personality development of one of the theorists studied in this course from three different theoretical perspectives.

Choose one of the theorists you have studied this term. Use your textbook, the Internet, and the Argosy University online library resources to research the life history of the theorist.

Do the following:

Describe the major life events of the theorist that you feel influenced his or her personality development.

Describe the cultural influences that had an influence on the chosen theorist's personality development.

Analyze this person from Freud's psychoanalytic perspective.

Analyze this person from two other theoretical perspectives studied in this course, except for the trait perspective.

Summarize and present your critical opinion about how well (or not) these theories explain the person.

Reference no: EM13820752

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