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Assignment: Nursing Theory Analysis Paper


The purpose of this assignment is to describe, evaluate and discuss application of a nursing grand or mid-range theory. This assignment also provides the learner an opportunity to connect theory and research to nursing phenomena. Learners will develop an 8-10 page paper (excluding the title page and references) using APA style to address the elements listed below.

Theory/Author Name and Background

Select a Grand or Mid-Range Theory that is appropriate to your practice setting.

Describe the theorist's background in detail and discuss how their experiences have impacted the theory development.

Examine crucial references for the original and/or current work of the theorist and other authors writing about the selected theory.

Identify the phenomenon of concern or problems addressed by the theory.

Theory Description

Explain whether the theory uses deductive, inductive or retroductive reasoning. Provide evidence to support your conclusion.

Describe the major concepts of the theory. How are they defined? (theoretically and/or operationally) Is the author consistent in the use of the concepts and other terms in the theory?

Interpret how the concepts are defined. Implicitly or explicitly?

Examine the relationships (propositions) among the major concepts.


Identify explicit and implicit assumptions (values/beliefs) underlying the theory. On what assumptions does the theory build?

Examine if the theory has a description of the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm. If so, how are they explained in the theory? If the metapardigm is not explained, what elements do you see as relevant to the theory and why?

Discuss the clarity of the theory. Did it have lucidness and consistency?


Examine how the theory would guide nursing actions.

Describe specifically how you can use this theory in your area of nursing (Practice, Education, Informatics or Administration).

APA Style/Format.

Reference no: EM131194532

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