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Discussion Post: Art Appreciation and Customer Service

1. Imagine that you are a manager in charge of putting together a new team of customer service representatives for your department. Describe the characteristics and qualities that you would look for in your people, and explain why they are important. In addition, what would you do as the manager to develop your team and provide a positive work environment for them?

2.  Your assignment this week is to take a virtual museum tour. Fortunately, many institutions allow some collections to be viewed online.

Pick a site from the list below and navigate the site by clicking on topics, images, and videos, if present. View at least 8-12 images on the site you choose. Read all of the text on the site. The texts of each exhibit vary, but most include the artist's biography and information about individual images and the artist's style. It is also important to enjoy the experience. Hopefully, you will be inspired by the virtual tour. Your response to the tour is your Discussion Post for this week. You are not required to write a paper. You may want to look through several options before choosing your tour. Enjoy!

Virtual Tour of Winslow Homer.

Virtual Tour of Edward Hopper.

Virtual Tour of Small French Paintings

Virtual Tour of Islamic Art

Virtual Tour of Prints by Robert Rauschenberg

Answer the following questions related to this week's virtual museum tour assignment. State which virtual tour you engaged in and respond to the following: 1). Name two works of art viewed in your virtual tour and explain what subjects, themes, and stylistic characteristics enhanced your appreciation of art. 2). Describe the level of enjoyment the experience afforded. Share one or two details about your emotional response.

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