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1: Jezreel, great post!! Building a network should raise questions, it's not an easy solution and what may work for one, may not work for another, or the same way. And for these reasons: "creating policies are necessary," they should explain:

The why (logic)
The how (processes involved)
The locations (addresses and connections

Documentation saves time, helps trouble shoot, and can help with organization. Another important aspect to consider is data. Class, with your scenarios, please share the following:

Type of data

2: WLAN wireless local area network I think will be my choice network to plan some policy for security. And when I think about it I'm asking for more of a problem. I believe wireless network with signal beginning sent across the air waves is not as secure as a hard wire network. WAN WIDE Area network can send signal across a small city a hard line connection may have a high cost levels compared to the wireless methods.

3: Please describe the following and share which you plan to apply to your scenario?

o Local Area Network (LAN)
o Wide Area Network (WAN)
o Internet
o intranet
o extranet.

Reference no: EM131123900

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