Describe the jobs prior to the technological advances

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Name at least three jobs that have been influenced by such technological advances as robotics, word processing software, fax machines, and electronic mail. Describe the jobs prior to the technological advances, and explain how these jobs have changed or will change because of the technological advances. For each job, list the new skills that you feel are relevant for person-focused pay programs.

Reference no: EM132184051

Discuss operational issues facing brisbane extraction system

Write an essay discussing the operational issues facing Brisbane Extraction Systems Australia. The essay should identify and discuss the operational aspects that are affecti

Conducted informal meetings with management

You have worked for Beta Technology for six months. In that time, you conducted informal meetings with management and other hourly and salaried employees. Provide cases repres

Beliefs constitute religious discrimination in employment

Meredith is a devout, evangelical Christian. She believes very deeply that she should tell everyone that she meets about her religion and that she should try to convert everyo

About leadership characteristics and qualities

Complete a search of articles about leadership characteristics and qualities. Based on what you find and the readings for this module, write a 2-3 page paper about what you th

What impact did his journey have on the outside world

How does the picture on this site portray Mansa Musa? What does the document that contains his portrait look like to you? For what do you think it was used? Why did Mansa Musa

What is strategic posture

What is strategic posture? How does a decision concerning the strategic posture help to create decision guidelines for management and affect the organization’s culture?

Compare the strengths and limitations of multiple platforms

Your organization has decided to update their elearning platform, you have been asked to research 10-20 learning technology platforms. You remember the ODL system and elements

Compare and contrast core competencies and core capabilities

What is Lowe's globalization strategy how much active is outside the home market and how much is from foreign sales? Define, compare and contrast core competencies and core ca


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