Describe the jobs prior to the technological advances

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Name at least three jobs that have been influenced by such technological advances as robotics, word processing software, fax machines, and electronic mail. Describe the jobs prior to the technological advances, and explain how these jobs have changed or will change because of the technological advances. For each job, list the new skills that you feel are relevant for person-focused pay programs.

Reference no: EM132184051

Determined your firms market demand equation

In Assignment 1, you determined your firm's market demand equation. Now you need to find the inverse demand equation. Having found that, find the Total Revenue function for

Is the process capable based on the cpk value and why

The specification for a plastic liner for concrete highway projects calls for a thickness of 3.0 mm 0.2 mm. The standard deviation of the process is estimated to be 0.02 mm. T

Identify best distribution strategy for your market entry

A channel strategy for your new market entry. Identify the factors that will influence the channel structures; customer, product, middleman and environmental characteristics.

How much time will patients have collectively spent waiting

A practitioner of family medicine begins her day with five patients needing urgent care. She does a very brief assessment of what each patient appears to need and estimates th

Term conflict of interest in the context of directors duties

Briefly discuss what is meant by the term conflict of interest in the context of director’s duties. Give an example of such a conflict of interest and how it can be resolved o

What is the expected value of a pull on the slots

Casinos advertise a 95% payback for their slot machines. This means that for a $1 stake, a gambler can expect to get 95 cents back. a) What does 95% payback mean in terms of t

Decision making should never be used in making decisions

Evidence-based decision making should never be used in making decisions. Evidence-based decision making should never be used in informing decisions.. Evidence-based decision m

Optimal amount to spend on radio and direct-mail advertising

GreenLawns provides a lawn fertilizer and weed control service. The company is adding a special aeration treatment as a low-cost extra service option that it hopes will help a


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