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Using the Internet, find an example of major company that is currently facing problems (or has faced problems in the last 12 months) in one or more markets around the world due to one or more of its corporate policies (privacy, intellectual property, patents, etc.).

Identify the company, the problem it is facing in some markets but not in others, and describe the issues at the heart of the difficulty. Support your position with proper citations.

Identify either an instance of what could be considered an ethical violation that you have personally experienced in the last 12 months (e.g. an executive describing company policy in a very public way, but behaving in a manner inconsistent with statement made) or one that you read about in the news.

Describe what you believe the ethical violation may have been, explain why you believe the action is indeed an ethical violation, and try to describe why the individuals involved might have taken the actions they did. Explain whether this a case of a good person in a bad situation, or something else?

Given your insights from your analysis of Eisenhower's quote, what are the purposes of, and differences between, strategic, tactic, and operational plans? Don't just define these terms. Focus on the purposes, the differences, and the importance of each to a successful business.

Considering the speed with which today's business world changes and what you have read from the book, which of the following is likely to produce a better result and why: more effort on coming up with the right decision or more effort on implementation a decision well? Use an example from the real world or your personal experience to support your answer.

Reference no: EM132279752

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