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A problem statement on Toyota logistics process - Describe the issue your plan would address. Include some background on the problem. How long has the issue been occurring? How is it important to the organization? Provide relevant historical data.

- Data and measurements - Use some of the following measurement tools and techniques to present the data you have gathered thus far: ?A fishbone diagram - Use a fishbone diagram to examine the causes of the issue.

- A flowchart, table, or another chart - You are highly encouraged to include a before-and-after flowchart or another visual representation of the existing and proposed logistics process.

- Note: You will be required to submit at least three measurement tools for submission and to incorporate your findings from the tools into your plan. One of the measurement tools must be a fishbone diagram.

- Causes and effects discussion - Use the data you have collected and your measurements to describe what caused the existing situation and how the issue affects the process and the organization.

- A cost-benefits summary - If possible, base your cost-benefits summary on actual information. If not, base it on your anticipated information.

- A conclusion addressing the following: ?Implications - Consider what could happen if the issue continues as it is-and what could happen if it is improved. What are some potential general business results? What impact might there be on business relationships? What specific results are you anticipating, at this stage of the investigation?

- Desired outcome - How will resolving this issue change the process? What competitive advantage(s) will this change yield? How will it impact stakeholders? What financial benefits do you anticipate? 

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Reference no: EM13722194

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