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Environmental Scan Paper

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you complete the following:

  • Research and describe the internal and external environments of 2 to 3 real-world companies using an environmental scan.
  • Determine what competitive advantages each company has and what strategies each company is using.
    • How does each company create value and sustain competitive advantage through business strategy?
    • What measurement guidelines is each company using to verify its strategic effectiveness?
    • How effective are the measurement guidelines that each company is using?

DQ Questions 300 words each

  • What is a corporate strategy? Why is it important for a small business to identify a corporate strategy? What are possible consequences that a small business may experience if it does not have a defined corporate strategy?
  • Define risk and how it affects the strategy planning process. In relation to innovation, sustainability, and the global market, how would you decide whether a risk is worth taking the chance on when to create a strategic plan?

Reference no: EM13805479

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