Describe the intended purpose of the first session

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Change Management

The purpose of this assignment is to prepare your plan for your first team development session and then to receive feedback from your peers in the unit discussion and from your instructor. After receiving feedback from your instructor you will conduct your session and prepare a report on the experience for submission in Unit 4. In your plan, you will indicate what you wish to achieve in your first session, the learning discipline you propose to apply with your group (Personal Mastery, Mental Models or Shared Vision), and the exercise you will use to promote capacity in your team with respect to your chosen discipline. By creating a plan for your group exercise, you will demonstrate your understanding of change management principles before you try to apply them.


Develop an exercise based on one of the team exercises presented in the units Personal Mastery, Mental Models, and Shared Vision, and prepare the first session of your team development plan. You might find it helpful to look ahead to Unit 4 for more information on "Shared Vision." Your instructor will provide feedback on this assignment. Include the following information in this assignment:

-Describe the intended purpose of the first session.

-Define change management and explain the three disciplines of Personal Mastery, Mental Models, and Shared Vision.

-Explain the learning discipline you have selected, why you have selected it, and why it is important.

-Explain the group exercise you have selected and how you will use the team development material.

-Describe the organization you have selected for your project. Also specifically identify the sector of the organization:

  • Non-profit.
  • Government.
  • Business or industry.

-Outline your schedule for session one of team development. Include the names and titles of the organization team members participating in the sessions, and the scheduled meeting dates and times. If you have not been able to solidify any part of your schedule, please give a report on your progress.

-Optional: Include two or three questions you have about this assignment.

Reference no: EM131156347

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