Describe the important observations of gailieo

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Your paper should focus on the inventor of the telescope, but more explore the use of the telescope in astronomy.

For example, describe the important observations of Gailieo, advances by Christoph Scheiner and Christiaan Huygens, explain Newton's development of the reflector, and the observations of William Herschel." So please work the paper as he stated and how he wants it redone.

Instructions: Based on the feedback from your instructor on the Thesis and Outline assignment, submit a draft of your research paper.

Remember that this should be a full version of the paper, not one "under construction." Include a title page, reference page, and 3-4 double-spaced pages of text that support your thesis:

You will need to exercise critical thinking skills to decide when something is scientifically sound and when it is not, and write your findings in a persuasive-style, thesis-based research paper.

It should demonstrate a strong thesis statement supported by research from at least 4 different sources. Include in-text citations from references using APA format throughout the paper.

Your reference page should also be formatted in APA style.

In your paper, you are accountable for applying appropriate course concepts; adhering to the standards of academic writing; and adequately supporting your primary position or thesis with appropriate resource materials.

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Reference no: EM13799730

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