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Your task is to propose a new project. You could relate this to a past project or a project in progress; however, in the latter case you need to assume that you have been provided the opportunity to replan the project towards better project performance.

Write a report about your project. Your report must include:

• A brief description of the organisational setting and project environment to ensure the reader understands the context in which the project is set.

• An outline of the objectives of the project and the importance of the project to the organisation and project stakeholders.

• An outline of the scope statement, project priorities and work breakdown structure (WBS), which can serve as a sound basis for planning other aspects of the project.

• A detailed overview and analysis of aspects of the project using project management concepts, tools, and techniques taught in this subject; some of them may be more important to your particular project than others.

You should focus your analysis on at least three topics from the following list:

o developing the project plan

o scheduling project resources and costs o project risk and change control o monitoring project time and costs.

Please note that any standalone appendices will not contribute towards your grade unless you have outlined the key aspect of their content in the body of the report and used them to form the basis of your arguments.

Reference no: EM132279791

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