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The entire content of this course is to understand and be aware of costs and value in a project. Express one particular cost issue that you have seen as a project manager or team member that affected the project either positively or negatively.

Clearly identify what was done to rectify the issue and describe the impact to the project

Scope Management and Changes

A fundamental topic for the success of a project is the management of scope. The original scope of a project has cost assumptions to ensure project success. Provide a specific example from your experience or from examples in the text where a change in scope can impact the project financials. If you were the sponsor of this project, would you approve the change in scope knowing what you do now?

Reference no: EM131062551

Return on invested capital and economic value added

Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) and Economic Value Added (EVA) are commonly used as measures of division management performance. Are these measures equally useful for, say

Illustrate what should landis report as other income

At December 31, 2011 the fair value of the Ritter, Inc. bonds was $530,000. Illustrate what should Landis Co. report as other comprehensive income and as a separate componen

Analyze what makes that decision unethical

Describe what makes that decision unethical. Present an alternative ethical and legal solution to the decision focusing on the organization's responsibility to its stakehold

Concepts of budgeting and variance

Examine the budgeted and actual revenues and expenses for a hospital. Reflect on concepts of budgeting and variance. Refer to Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 of Financial Manageme

Discuss the myriad elements management would consider

Discuss the myriad elements management would consider when anticipating union bargaining proposals? And, when would management officials prefer centralized (multi-plant) bar

Monopolist average total cost of production

b. Given the above information, calculate this single price monopolist's profit. c. At the profit maximizing quantity, what is this monopolist's average total cost of producti

Increased production setup costs and premium transportation

(b) Would it be a good decision to spend $850,000 per year in increased production setup costs and premium transportation costs in order to achieve an inventory reducti

Explaining original intent of reverse discrimination

Using objective reasoning rather than subjective judgments, discuss your opinions on the following: The original intent of reverse discrimination and Affirmative Action.


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