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1 Aims

The module aims to develop a critical understanding of the theories and practices of cross-cultural management and diversity management at the individual, group, and organisational levels.

The first half of the module examines the main theoretical frameworks and models that address various human resource management activities, as well as motivation, communication, negotiation, leadership and multicultural teamwork in cross-cultural contexts. Students are encouraged to engage in reflection and research to develop competences and practical skills for effectively leading, managing, and developing people across cultures and borders.

The second half of the module will focus on the increasing importance of equality and diversity in the workplace generally. The course will enable students to understand the competing tensions of all the protected characteristics in UK legislation and examine the practices and skills required to manage a diverse workforce.

2.2 Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, a student will be able to:

1. Describe the impact of national cultures on organizational practices from various theoretical perspectives.

2. Understand and interpret culturally-conditioned managerial behaviours, attitudes and values.

3. Identify opportunities and challenges of cross-cultural influences on human resource practices and management practices regarding communication, negotiation, motivation, leadership in the global environment, and develop skills to manage a multicultural workforce.

4. Appreciate the difference between Equal Opportunities and Managing Diversity theories.

5. Analyse the competing pressures of diversity in an organisation.

6. Comprehend the legal obligations in terms of equality in the UK setting and in European and global contexts.

7. Integrate and understand the competing concerns of managing in a cross cultural context with those of an organisation made up of diverse employees.

You are required to answer the case study question in the form of an essay. You are required to use relevant cross cultural management theories, international business theories and international human resource management theories etc. - to ground your answers.

Case Study Question
With reference to the case of Genius MNC, and relevant cross-cultural theories, discuss how national cultural differences could influence the management of people at its foreign subsidiaries. Your answer should also evaluate the implications for ONE of the following areas:
a) Communication in multicultural teams;
b) Cross-cultural competences of expatriate managers and leaders;
c) Organisational structure and authority.

Answer guidelines:
1. You will need to consider the different institutional and cultural factors that influence human resource management policies and practices in different countries.
2. Use examples to illustrate divergence and convergence of practices between California and the two subsidiaries outlined in the case study (Germany and India).
3. Consider how Hofstede's cultural dimensions might give insight into differences between national cultures and organizational practices.
--- Communication in multicultural teams
4. Identify the elements of intercultural communication process, highlighting potential barriers to intercultural communication.
5. Consider Hall's typology of low- context and high-context culture in explaining intercultural communication.

--- Cross-cultural competences of expatriate managers and leaders
6. Consider how cross-cultural differences might impact leadership styles.
7. Consider Westwood's notion of ‘paternal leadership' and discuss how this leadership style differs from participative leadership typically practiced in western countries.
8. Consider the Project GLOBE in your evaluation of cultural and contingent factors that impact cross-cultural leadership.

--- Organisational structure and authority
9. Consider the extent to which traditional societal values might influence organisational arrangements.
10. Consider the view that traditional models of organisational structure are universally applicable.
11. Consider Trompenaars' and Hofstede's theories in explaining how culture can impact organizational structure.
12. Illustrate with examples from the case study and empirical research how organisational structure may vary from subsidiary to subsidiary.

Portfolio 2: Essay

Essay Question:

With reference to organisational examples and empirical research, evaluate the challenges and solutions for managing diversity in contemporary work organisations. Your essay should focus on ONE of the nine protected characteristics in the Equality Act 2010: age, disability, sex; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; and sexual orientation.

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The following is an essay on cross-cultural communication and human resource management in multinational organisations. The company that has been taken into account is Genius MNC, a US-based organisation. The implications of communication in multicultural teams have been discussed with reference to the provided case study, with emphasis on the institutional and cultural factors that influence the HRM policies and the manner in which Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory can provide the much-needed insight into the different cultures and practices across various nations. The essay also identifies the elements of the intercultural communication processes and highlights the potential barriers that are faced, and discusses Hall's low-context and high-context cultures to explain the same. This paper has been prepared using Microsoft Office Word.

Reference no: EM132191296

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