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US healthcare system powerpoint with key notes

Final Presentation: Part I

Look ahead at the Final Presentation directions in Week Five. The assignment this week is Part I of that presentation. For this assignment, Part 1, you will provide an overview of the U.S. healthcare system. Follow the instructions below to complete this part of your Final


Introduction: Include a title slide. Next, include an introductory slide where you will identify yourself and describe the nature of this presentation.

Part I (of the Final Presentation): The U.S. healthcare system. Define the U.S. healthcare system by addressing the following:

o Describe the history of the U.S. health care system. Include at least three of the revolutionary factors (e.g., the teacher's union in Dallas, Texas; The American Medical Association; Civil War, first Marine Hospital, etc.). Chapter two in our textbook discusses the evolution of our healthcare system and is a good resource for this part of the presentation.

o Identify at least one major development from each of the following: financial, legal, ethical, regulatory, and social [e.g., consumer demand] that transformed the system into what it is today. You may want to revisit the healthcare timeline.

• Differentiate the stakeholders and their roles (e.g., healthcare professionals, clients [patients], health insurance organizations, government,colleges, and health care agencies

o Include the positive and negative contributions of how they affect the health care system).

Creating Part 1 of the Final Presentation for the Week 3 Assignment

Part 1 of the Final Presentation must:

o Be 5 to 7 slides (excludes the title slide and reference slides) and be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

• Be presented using Microsoft PowerPoint slide presentation. You have a choice of one of the following options for adding the narrative to your presentation. Option 2 is adding speaker notes to each slide

- Speaker notes are the typed notes that appear below the slide that complement the presentation slides. Whereas the slides will have short bulleted items, the speaker notes will be more detailed. They are essentially what the presenter would say during the presentation to explain each of the bulleted points on the slide. Therefore, it is important that the speaker notes are concise and detailed when explaining the bullet points.

- It is recommended that PowerPoint Slides contain no more than five bullet points and should not contain more than 5 - 7 words each. Do not type paragraphs or long sentences on the slide. The information that explains each bullet point is conveyed via speaker notes or by recording your voice to each slide.

- It is required that the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation include the use of speaker notes. If you choose to use the voice capabilities within PowerPoint, you must include your citations in the speaker notes for each slide.

- Include a title slide with the following:
- Title of the presentation
- Student name
- Course name and number
- Instructor name
- Date submitted

- Address the sections in the order outlined above (Introduction, Part I, II, III, and IV).

- Present the issues with critical thought.

- Use at least two scholarly sources (none of which should be media commentary, at least one should be from the Ashford University Library).

o Document all sources in APA format (including graphics, charts and pictures that may be used within the presentation).

Reference no: EM131147588

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