Describe the global business elements the article refers

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Locate an article written within the past year from one of the following sources (Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek, or the World Street Journal) that discusses an aspect of international business being covered throughout the specific week (e.g, Week 1 -> Globalization, Week 3 -> International Trade, etc.).

The article summary should include a detailed summary of the article, your reaction to the article, your answers to the below prompts, and a complete citation of the source (or sources if you choose to use additional sources to support your point of view with factual evidence).

Describe the global business elements the article refers to.

Discuss the author's main point(s).

Discuss who is affected by the situation described in the article, and how.

Explain how the information in the article is relevant to you.

Discuss if you agree/disagree with the author's opinion or with the actions described in the article.

Please include article reference

Reference no: EM132280573

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