Describe the function of the golgi apparatus

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Describe the function of the Golgi Apparatus and Ribosomes cell structures and say in which primary cell type (i.e. prokaryotic and/or eukaryotic) you will find each cell structure?

Reference no: EM13159364

Suffering a head injury

After suffering a head injury, doctors discover that your olfactorybulbs have been completely severed from the axons of the olfactory receptor cells. Check all true statemen

What kinds of proteins or organelles need to be summoned

Describe what kind of changes need to occur in the motor neuron and its target muscle in order for a synapse to form. What kinds of proteins/organelles need to be summoned t

Which of the follow was necessary to confirming experiment

Which of the follow was necessary to this confirming experiment. Phosphorus is not present in amino acids in the protein coat of phage.

Difference between everyday movement

1.  What is the difference between everyday movement (ex. raise your hand) and a reflex (ex.touching a hot object)? 2. By accident, Jacques has touched a hot stove. His arm i

Recognize the non-mendelian mode of inheritance

A woman from the family with normal cholesterol marries a man with no LDL receptors, and all their children have cholesterol levels twice the normal of the mother.

Determine how flower color is inherited

Two treu breeding white strans of a plant were mated and the Ftwo progeny were all white. When the F1plants were allowed to self fertilize, 179 white flowered and 41 purple

Determining the ocean systems

According to the law of conservation of energy, energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it can change from one form to another 1. A boy doing a cannonball into the pool.

Red pigmentation in the head and throat

In the wild, male house finches (Carpodus mexicanus) vary considerably in the amount of red pigmentation in their head and throat feathers, with colors ranging from pale yello


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