Describe the four key characteristics of services to harry

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Marketing case study

Case study : Harry McBeefy has been working for a sports shoe manufacturer. However, his passion is weight lifting, and he wants to buy a weight lifting gymnasium business. Harry thinks the two businesses (sports shoes and weight lifting gymnasium) should be very similar as far as marketing is concerned: – "people are people after all", and both industries relate to fitness. As a marketer however, you know that there are fundamental differences between services and goods.

a) Briefly describe the FOUR key characteristics of services to Harry.

b) Give examples from the sports shoe and gym industries to illustrate how the four characteristics of services make the marketing of services very different from physical goods.

You know that marketers can use the framework of 'three levels of product' to help with analysis and planning for products and services.

c) Briefly explain each of the three levels.

d) Outline how each level can be applied to a weight lifting gym.

Reference no: EM132235057

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