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Question: Insulin is a secreted protein made by islet cells in the pancreas. The gene INS encodes the precursor for the insulin protein. Describe the flow of data from the INS gene, through mRNA, and translation. Then describe the journey of the protein as it gets processed to its mature form through the endomembrane system on its way to secretion at the plasma membrane.

Reference no: EM1384336

Best describes a karyotype-occurs during mitosis

When an organism is described as “haploid” this infers that its cells. Some fungi cells complete mitosis however they do not complete cytokinesis. Which of the following state

How would it affect urine ph and why would this change occur

While visiting your family, you come down with a severe case of stomach flu. You begin vomiting and continue vomiting for more than a day, unable to keep any food or fluids

Determining the seven laws of training

Critically analyze the following three popular training systems: bigger, faster, stronger (BFS); crossfit; and high intensity training (HIT). How do they compare to the seve

Arteriosclerosis impact on blood flow

Arteriosclerosis is focus of this question, address the condition and it's impact on blood flow through the carotid arteries and tell me more about arteriosclerosis

Detailed about energy conversions and trophic levels

When a rabbit eats the lettuce in your garden, all of the energy in the lettuce is used by the rabbit. Is this statement true or false? Defend your answer. Your answer must

Physiological cause of huntington disease

Explain, in detail, the physiological cause of Huntington Disease. Describe its symptoms and the physiological cause for each, and describe all available treatments and the

Why they need assistance in your community

In order to support the need for the service you propose, cite statistical data obtained from your county health department, state health department, and organizations or ag

Determine the percentage of individuals in this population

The following Punnett square shows the inheritance of the sickle cell and SRY genes, with X representing the X chromosome with no SRY gene and Y representative the Y chromosom


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