Describe the evolution of the case definition for sars

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1) Following the initial identification of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) symptoms (prior to laboratory confirmation), from a public health leadership aspect, what would be the appropriate next steps?

2) Describe the evolution of the case definition for SARS and the chronology of events.

3) Were there any other factors in halting the spread of disease? Describe a surveillance project that is applicable. Support your discussion with appropriate references to the literature.

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Reference no: EM13805076

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Write a 200-300 response to the following questions. Be sure to include a reference. What makes some students more of a discipline issue, when others are "following the plan"?

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Elaborate on the major reasons why, according to the text, health care systems can be considered complex. Next, argue a case for double-loop against single-loop learning in or


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