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Microsoft and a rival often have to select from competing technologies. The rival always prefers to select the same technology as Microsoft, while Microsoft always wants to select a different technology. Describe the equilibrium of this game.

Reference no: EM132184383

Medicare stinks as insurance

What feature(s) of Medicare would cause an economist to say that “Medicare stinks as insurance”? Medicare supplement insurance is available from the commercial market and most

Calculate roys taxable income

Roy is a single person. He earned $75,000 last year. Among his expenditures last year were $10,000 on interest on his home mortgage, $2,500 payment on the principle of his hom

Who benefits from technological progress in farming farmers

barbers who have turned farmers will drive down wage rate but will still be earning more than if y had remained barbers. Who benefits from technological progress in farming Fa

Equilibrium of price-quantity-consumer and producer surplus

Equilibrium of Price/Quantity/Consumer Surplus/Producer Surplus? If a tax is introduced and it is $1 per unit, what are the new Price/Quantity/Consumer Surplus/ Producer Surpl

About the population

If the population of Argentina was 26.5 million in 1960 and the average population growth rate is 0.6 percent per year, then Argentina's population would have been about _____

Marginal product of capital

Beat To A Pulp, Inc. sells paper and uses paper machines and labor in production. It pays $800 per employee and $400 per paper machine. Its marginal product of labor (MPL) is

Who believed the minor to have reached the age of majority

Impatient individuals with low attention span usually have. Is it fair and ethical for a minor to take advantage of the protection accorded by the law to breach a contract mad

Regularity conditions-find the optimal affordable bundle

Check for “regularity conditions” to see if the standard tangency method is applicable: test whether preferences are differentiable, insatiable, and strictly convex. If you fo


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