Describe the elements of the criminal justice process
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Part I:

What is the importance of Dickerson v. United States?
To what extent does the Fourth Amendment influence the American legal system?
What is the difference in relevant and material evidence?
What problems are associated with Alford and nolo contendere pleas?
How does a plea of not guilty differ from a plea of not guilty by reason of affirmative defense?
Briefly list and describe the elements of the criminal justice process.

Part II:

Discuss the importance of the "fruits of the poisonous tree" doctrine as it relates to the exclusion of evidence.
How does the expectation of privacy apply to overnight guests?
What are some exceptions to the right of privacy?
For what reasons may a warrantless search be conducted?
What are the parameters of a search incident to arrest?
In your opinion, should third-party consent be allowed in warrantless searches?

Part III:

What is the difference between a confession and an incriminating statement? How do these relate to the Miranda ruling?
In your opinion, should the Fifth Amendment apply to blood testing and field sobriety tests? How has the Court ruled regarding the admissibility of such tests?
In your opinion, should the Fifth Amendment apply to compulsory lineups? How has the Court ruled regarding the admissibility of these lineups?
Should refusal to participate in breath analysis be protected under the Fifth Amendment? Why or why not?

Part IV:

Describe the general characteristics you would want in a credible witness if you were his or her legal counsel.
Debate the pros and cons of Federal Rule of Evidence Rule 608. Should the personal character of the witness be put on trial, or should this examination be a necessary part of the proceedings to ensure the veracity of court testimony?
In your opinion, when should counsel use expert witness testimony? Discuss the benefits and challenges of using expert witnesses in a trial.
In your opinion, did the cross-examination tactic requiring O. J. Simpson to put on the ill-fitting gloves in front of the jury have an effect on the eventual outcome of the trial? Discuss the benefits and challenges of cross-examination.
Should religious beliefs or opinions be admitted as witness testimony? Why or why not?

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